Month: February 2015


Lexus – L Studio

A storytelling hub forgets cars, documents personal stories many can relate to.  Lexus, together with two more projects (Team One and It Gets Better Project) created a celebrity-driven storytelling hub titled “It Got Better” via its L/Studio broadband entertainment channel. The six-episode docuseries focuses on intimate stories, all concentrated on personal struggles and achievements related to sexual orientation. The well-known actors, musicians and athletes are all part of the LGBT community, in this way signifying Lexus’ continuous support for the LGBT rights. The brand appeals to a wider spectrum of target audience, mainly focusing on the younger generation, who is more likely to value content and creativity rather than traditional means of advertising. Moreover, the choice to hire contrasting actors, that also bring a certain demographic fan base, is thoroughly executed. What differentiates Lexus’ “It Got Better” project from other automotive storytelling campaigns on the market is the hardly noticeable, and therefore not overwhelming, endorsement. Lexus logo is seen in the beginning of each video, however the topic of the stories presented does not have …