Month: March 2015


Harrods Magazine – Customer Magazine

The first thing that catches attention when you download the Harrods digital magazine is the high-class design and polished aesthetics. The app, available for both iOS and Android users, showcases the latest trends in luxury, beauty and lifestyle, all extended with attractive interactive content, such as video interviews, fashion-shoot footages and tons of tutorials. The magazine issues often feature interactive and beautiful games, such as the “Stiletto Wars” in the September issue. Harrods not only succeeds at great digital publishing and storytelling, it also wins big with delicate product placement and excellent customer service.


Storytelling and Cosmetic Brands: 5+ Best Practises

Storytelling and marketing have always been intertwined. The magic here is rather simple: a brand tells a story people can relate to, with the goal to connect and persuade its prospective consumers to switch to their product. However, marketing’s dependency on storytelling techniques has never been more strong and creative than it is now. Brands tell stories that create a certain style of life, a feeling of comfort, liberation and empathy, or even a desire to be a better human being. The online marketing landscape is swamping with digital storytelling. We wrote about the automotive industry embracing storytelling and user-engagement techniques. Today we would like to shift our attention to beauty and personal care brands that, with the help of technology, have been successfully utilizing the power of storytelling. A personal care product is not a high commodity, but because of its high market saturation marketers need to tell consumers more than they can actually see. Beauty brands have been telling stories as early as from the 1920s, such as Nivea, which was associated with young, …


Mercedes-Benz – C-Class Augmented Reality App

The German manufacturer’s app uses augmented reality to praise the very best of Mercedes-Benz’s functionality and design.  The C-Class Augmented Reality app is enabled by pointing the device’s camera to a printed-out target image, where a 3D model of the car comes to life directly on the device screen. The car can then be rotated and re-scaled, offering not only an exterior look and its technical advancements, but also a peak into the sleek interior. Users are able to play around with the model’s colors and therefore experience its elegant looks and functionality without actually going to the dealership. All in all, the app provides an exciting, innovative and life-like digital automobile story available on a personal device.  


Author: Aiste Juozaponyte

I’m an intercultural communications major, with a passion for all things telling stories and connecting with others.  I am always curious about the next big thing in digital storytelling – and I’ll report it here!   Read articles by Aiste


Digital Magazine Reader Habits (Mequoda Study)

Digital Magazine Reader Habits (Mequoda Study Analysis) This article was published first on: It took more than 500 years from the revolutionary invention of the Gutenberg printing press to the development of mobile publishing. Today, tablets allow multiple publications to be accessed anywhere and anytime – they are absolute game changers in the digital publishing industry, signifying a positive shift in digital magazine popularity. We came across the second annual Mequoda Digital Magazine Study on Digital Magazine Reader Habits of 2014. The study was conducted among 1,136 participants, who read or subscribe to at least one digital magazine on a tablet. We have summarized the most important messages from this report, and also complemented it with a few of our own remarks and predictions. Digital books and magazines taking over the mobile market     29% of participants say they read books every day on their tablets, and 60% do it monthly. When it comes to digital magazines, 20% of respondents read these daily, which signifies a 6% increase from last year, and 64% …


Lead Author: Susann Fischer

I’m a digital native and curious about the next big thing in the digital world. I work at sprylab, where I promote the Purple Publishing Suite – the software enables designers and marketers to create content rich apps like magazines without coding. I blog about digital storytelling and content marketing strategies for mobile channels. Read articles by Susann


7 Examples of excellent digital storytelling campaigns of the biggest automobile brands

How storytelling is shaping the automotive industry Today, a story can be squeezed in to 140-characters and posted on Twitter, but have a much greater effect than a thousand page book or a flashy TV presentation. Telling stories has become a technique and a tool for building brand relationships and positioning products to consumers. The enormous burst of digital and social media, as well as content marketing, has allowed marketers to tell their brand’s story and in such way create a more direct link between their consumers. What is more, the digital age has enabled everyone to be a storyteller. The automotive industry is increasingly using digital storytelling Digital storytelling has opened new doors for all sorts of content creators, from journalists and copywriters to motivational speakers and CEOs, bringing it directly to the workplace. The automotive industry is no exception when using the power of storytelling to build brand relationships and market products directly to consumers. For years well-known automakers have been establishing their brands with unique stories, characterizing the brands’ image, values and …


The evolution of multimedia storytelling in the mobile age.

Multimedia storytelling is a game changer for mobile content and about to change the mobile media landscape completely There is no doubt that the opportunities in mobile multimedia storytelling are limitless –both in terms of technical and design aspects. Telling a scenario already helps to make sense of abstract information, but it doesn’t ease the process of acquiring information and is also limited in its effectiveness. Only with storytelling, when rich detail, imagery, emotions, contextual details and motivations allow the audience to actively participate in the communication process, the information is absorbed most thoroughly. This is the power of storytelling, for it is more than telling. Experiments have established that the human brain makes no distinction between reading a story about an event and experiencing it in real life. The story activates the same parts of the brain as the real experience, and this is the key to purposefully delivering information, messages or ideas. In contrast, abstract information only stimulates the parts of the brain that are used for language processing, hardly enough to form sustained connections. …


Coca Cola – Spin the Coke App

Who hasn’t played the classic “Spin the Bottle” with a group of giggly teenage friends on a school field trip? Coca-Cola decided, however, that technology can take this game to a whole new level. The “Spin The Coke” app is a fun way to break the ice at a party, topped with interactive backgrounds and themes, and your choice of the classic Coke bottle or the modern aluminum bottle. Coke values bringing people together and this app dives right in. By focusing on the everyday lives and emphasizing playfulness and youth culture, Coke establishes itself somewhat as a love brand and thus achieves strong customer loyalty.  Coke is also a master of brand storytelling, and this app proves it once and again. It’s simple, free and a little bit cheesy – but only in a good way. Some say it works even better than a real bottle, we will let you be the judge of that.