Year: 2016


Chipotle – „A Love Story“

A boy has a crush on the girl next door. To conquer her feet, he plans to invite her to the cinema. Unfortunately, he has no money… As an owner of a drink-stand the boy tries to conquer his lack of money by selling more of his fresh made lemonade. Therefore, he distributes corresponding flyers. However he is faced with a moral dilemma: His crush is his main competitor. She also sells lemonade and sees his action as a threat to her business. She starts her own flyer campaign to get her customers back. Then the boy strikes back by expanding his stand and promotion material. So the girl does the same. Over the years the competition continues and the stands develop into two big industrial companies. They both replace the original fresh ingredients with a cheap lemonade flavour which looks like artificial glitter powder. What started as an innocent wish for love evolved into a serious fight by now two unhappy business owners, who still live next to each other. One day the artificial ingredients turn against them. After realising …


Author: Nicole Singh

I’m an exited multimedia producer specialized in digital video production. The internet enables us to deliver out stories through different types of media. We can publish interactive stories with individual storylines. It’s my intention to make help digital stories more understandable by describing the producer’s intentions.


Pearl – 360° Google Spotlight Story

Gifts you receive from your parents last a lifetime. These gifts are invaluable and therefore cannot be priced. Google Spotlight Stories, which is part of Google’s ATAP R&D unit, uses this touching effect for its new six-minute animation named “Pearl”. They have been supported by the company’s 360-degree film group with its ever-ambitious ideas. This unbranded video looks into the lifespan of a girl and her musician father – her growing up and her father getting old. The movie set is almost entirely in their beloved car presenting it almost as their home.  It depicts the very first ride as well as other invaluable moments in their life. The conveyance of the theme “Home” enhances the movie’s enthralling aspects and at the same time plays strongly with people’s emotions. Using 360-degree –or virtual reality- is adding to this strong sentimental value. Using the cursor on the left hand of the video enables the audience to see the movie in 360-degree and to decide which scene and angle they want to follow. This is a great …


Grey Goose – Fly Beyond

By hoping to deepen its ties with the luxury consumer, Grey Goose vodka with its latest platform campaign “Fly Beyond”, has focused on emotive story with luxury lifestyle for brand storytelling. The Fly Beyond 2016 film is made by BBDO advertising company and has been described as a timeless platform by David Lubars, chief creative office of BBDO. He also added “Our job was to make it relevant for what’s happening today. In the end, you want people looking at every part of the campaign thinking, ‘I want to be part of that.’ This campaign following the platform that has been launched in 2013 and starts with a group of friends who are setting off a dirt road, following a flying goose and catching an airship to the mystery. The film ends up with the people who enjoy grabbing cocktails and watching a French film which is projected over the clouds. Grey Goose has always shown its ambitious origin through its brand storytelling and portrays itself as the ideal take for celebrating with friends. Moreover, …

25,915 Days – Reebok Runs Through All The Days of A Human Life.

To complement the Reebok’s “Be More Human” marketing campaign, the 25,915 Days film has been made to inspire people to live their lives to the fullest. The title reflects the average lifespan of a person and clearly marks that there is a limited time for each person on this planet to overcome obstacles and honor their bodies. The 25,915 Days film, developed by Venables Bell & Partners, shows a woman’s journey as she is trying to shine the spotlight by her passion for running and therefore becoming the best of herself. The video is depicting her life in reverse. It starts by joining her in the Reebok Spartan Race in present days and is then taking on a trail in her younger years running across a campus in a race and defeating a male rival. This displays the woman’s life from her childhood to older age to reiterate the fact that honoring the body is not just a stage of life but it’s a lifelong commitment. This type of digital storytelling is to deliver challenging …


Knorr – Love at First Taste

Found its way through getting into people’s emotion, Knorr’s latest campaign “Love at First Taste” is stating that there is a stronger chemistry and attraction between partners or potential partners who have similar food preferences. Knorr has asked more than 12,000 people across 12 markets about which flavor is their favorite. The core of this study was about people’s attitudes towards flavor and and how important it is in their lives. There was this belief that when flavors can say about personalities, this can be used as a tool to connect people. That’s why the brand has sat complete strangers based on their flavor preferences and video filmed the process. The video is a great example of powerful digital storytelling. One prominent fact about this video is that although there is no indication of the brand’s name on the video, it makes huge impact on people as it has to do only with emotions and this makes the concept much easier to feel and believe. What is your Flavor?   Regarding the Love at First Taste …


Airbnb – Belong Anywhere

Started as in 2008, has grown into a multi-billion-dollar company in around 200 countries, Airbnb is known for promoting their values instead of their services and supplying end products. It is rather a hug brand that has expanded the power of digital storytelling into another level. There is this belief that people belong everywhere in the world and that’s exactly what their advertisements convey. Telling a story was felt as an inspirational way to get to people’s emotions and thus making them buy into the brand. Airbnb has gained the trust of its users in all aspects by facilitating a peer-to-peer (P2P) service. That delivers the care and protection to both hosts and guests. But with which methods it has achieved that all? Well, not only Airbnb sticks with all-inclusive and rich digital storytelling methods, there are many other convenient content marketing methods it hangs on to for cultivating prominent content. Let’s check out some of the company’s outstanding approaches. Stories Focusing on people is the main concern of Airbnb as its audiences comprise of …


Benefits of Internal Communication with Employee Magazine Apps

Surely you have heard about the intranet network in companies which is much different from the internet. Many companies use intranet for small, internal communications between employees. But it has always been debates on whether its benefits overcome its cons or not. Lack of interactivity and feedback, unsightly design, little or no documentation and difficulty in use are the most common problems in having intranet. Luckily technology has had a sharp hike in the past few years and nowadays apps in smartphones and computers have found a crucial place in today’s digital world. Digital employee magazines are competent and effective tools for companies’ internal communication. These magazines are considered more entertaining rather than work-related, as employees would rather be entertained than read more about work. You will see refreshing examples about the employee magazine apps later in this article. Now let’s explore the benefits of having employee magazine apps for companies. Using smartphones and tablets is something that people enjoy. Therefore, employee magazine apps can bring fun and adventure for the employees by frequently publishing …


What Are DIY Apps and What Publishers Can Learn from Them Plus Inspirational Examples.

Many people like to make things with their own hands and in the time of need, fixing them rather than replacing. They would even take advantage of some great tips on doing things more beautifully, like decorating their houses. There are plenty of Do-it-Yourself (DIY) apps for almost every mobile platform where users can benefit from a variety of tips and information. These can be simple fixes, home decorations or specialized and complicated projects. These apps can literally take you from the first idea and planning phase to the finished task. These range from brainstorming your next great endeavor to purchasing products through the apps. DIY Consumers DIY consumers are acute, modern and knowledgeable shoppers who prefer a custom-fit shopping experience. They are considered a large demographic who wish to buy high-quality and unique products rather than low-quality ones. The biggest misconception about DIY users is that they are just thinking about saving money, although this is true to some extent but a survey has shown that only a small percentage of the users have …