Month: March 2016


Benefits of Internal Communication with Employee Magazine Apps

Surely you have heard about the intranet network in companies which is much different from the internet. Many companies use intranet for small, internal communications between employees. But it has always been debates on whether its benefits overcome its cons or not. Lack of interactivity and feedback, unsightly design, little or no documentation and difficulty in use are the most common problems in having intranet. Luckily technology has had a sharp hike in the past few years and nowadays apps in smartphones and computers have found a crucial place in today’s digital world. Digital employee magazines are competent and effective tools for companies’ internal communication. These magazines are considered more entertaining rather than work-related, as employees would rather be entertained than read more about work. You will see refreshing examples about the employee magazine apps later in this article. Now let’s explore the benefits of having employee magazine apps for companies. Using smartphones and tablets is something that people enjoy. Therefore, employee magazine apps can bring fun and adventure for the employees by frequently publishing …


What Are DIY Apps and What Publishers Can Learn from Them Plus Inspirational Examples.

Many people like to make things with their own hands and in the time of need, fixing them rather than replacing. They would even take advantage of some great tips on doing things more beautifully, like decorating their houses. There are plenty of Do-it-Yourself (DIY) apps for almost every mobile platform where users can benefit from a variety of tips and information. These can be simple fixes, home decorations or specialized and complicated projects. These apps can literally take you from the first idea and planning phase to the finished task. These range from brainstorming your next great endeavor to purchasing products through the apps. DIY Consumers DIY consumers are acute, modern and knowledgeable shoppers who prefer a custom-fit shopping experience. They are considered a large demographic who wish to buy high-quality and unique products rather than low-quality ones. The biggest misconception about DIY users is that they are just thinking about saving money, although this is true to some extent but a survey has shown that only a small percentage of the users have …