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25,915 Days – Reebok Runs Through All The Days of A Human Life.

To complement the Reebok’s “Be More Human” marketing campaign, the 25,915 Days film has been made to inspire people to live their lives to the fullest. The title reflects the average lifespan of a person and clearly marks that there is a limited time for each person on this planet to overcome obstacles and honor their bodies.

The 25,915 Days film, developed by Venables Bell & Partners, shows a woman’s journey as she is trying to shine the spotlight by her passion for running and therefore becoming the best of herself. The video is depicting her life in reverse. It starts by joining her in the Reebok Spartan Race in present days and is then taking on a trail in her younger years running across a campus in a race and defeating a male rival. This displays the woman’s life from her childhood to older age to reiterate the fact that honoring the body is not just a stage of life but it’s a lifelong commitment. This type of digital storytelling is to deliver challenging scenery. A prominent fact of this video is that the people are real runners and not actresses who truly embodied the brand that adds to video’s authenticity. The campaign’s mission is to alter how people perceive and experience fitness. The ultimate message of this campaign is to get physical and appreciate the life as it is limited.


The 25,915 Days campaign also make a new compelling social and digital experience for the brand by allowing the users to calculate their potential remaining days by entering their birthdate, gender and location. The visitors then will be able to share the number and the way they are planning to honor their bodies through #HonorYourDays plus adding a customized photo on social networks such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. To experience the campaign’s online tool, click here.

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