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Author: Nicole Singh

I’m an exited multimedia producer specialized in digital video production. The internet enables us to deliver out stories through different types ...
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Author: Mana Jalili

I'm a business graduate who believes in the power of internet and primarily, the business aspect of it. Blogs and ...
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Guest Author: Oliver Schwamb

Oliver is conceptioner for online video-ads. Lately he sold his TV as he anyway consumes content online only. He also ...
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Guest Author: Julieta Romero Güeto

Hi! I am a journalist and interactive storyteller. I am endlessly thinking on how to craft stories in exciting narrative forms ...
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Author: Aiste Juozaponyte

I'm an intercultural communications major, with a passion for all things telling stories and connecting with others.  I am always ...
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Lead Author: Susann Fischer

I'm a digital native and curious about the next big thing in the digital world. I work at sprylab, where I promote ...
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