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Airbnb – Belong Anywhere


Started as in 2008, has grown into a multi-billion-dollar company in around 200 countries, Airbnb is known for promoting their values instead of their services and supplying end products. It is rather a hug brand that has expanded the power of digital storytelling into another level. There is this belief that people belong everywhere in the world and that’s exactly what their advertisements convey. Telling a story was felt as an inspirational way to get to people’s emotions and thus making them buy into the brand.

Airbnb has gained the trust of its users in all aspects by facilitating a peer-to-peer (P2P) service. That delivers the care and protection to both hosts and guests. But with which methods it has achieved that all? Well, not only Airbnb sticks with all-inclusive and rich digital storytelling methods, there are many other convenient content marketing methods it hangs on to for cultivating prominent content. Let’s check out some of the company’s outstanding approaches.



Focusing on people is the main concern of Airbnb as its audiences comprise of two categories of people; The ones who give their lodgments and the ones who use them. Therefore, it is very important for the brand to show how easy it is for people to connect with others. It is simply human-approached and works just fine. There is an entire page on the website, stating the importance of having stories for the brand. The stories contain videos, in-depth features and interviews of Airbnb hosts all around the world in order to provide sufficient insight for both group of hosts and guests. This storytelling strategy matches perfectly with the other Airbnb approaches. By working with local photographers and directors for making stories, Airbnb offers a genuine care for its people and community as well. Feel free to see some of the inspirational stories here. 

Short Films

 Apart from the stories, Airbnb went through its first national marketing campaign on December 2013 with another brand storytelling outbreak. Offered as an enchanting insight on the brand, made by Pereira & O’Dell agency, Birdbnb exposed fifty birdhouses to resemble fifty Airbnb homes.

Developed by VCCP and Psyop agencies, “Wall and Chain” has surely magnified the brand’s relevancy by commemorating the 25th anniversary of the fall of Berlin Wall. The simplicity, yet reality of the story hits anyone who watched the animation which is about family and connection. It depicts the story of an Airbnb guest who visits Berlin for the first time after working there during the Cold War. The video went viral on its first month by 5.7 million YouTube views. You may be wondering why. This video is the key to your wonder:

The likeness of all the videos is that their storylines always show how easy travelling is. The perfection of their videography is observable through all their videos. And last but not least, they maintained the brand image through all their campaigns.

Create Airbnb


A huge rebranding attempt that is in tandem with the website and app redesign, has led to a new logo named Bélo. Customization of Airbnb symbol by changing its color and shape and adding icons and fabrication patterns into the logo are the features of Bélo. All the mentioned graphic enhancements are to link consumers to their personalities. The final touch can be saved into an online gallery alongside a story to mirror the creator’s experience. Additionally, it could be made into stickers and U.S. postage stamps to develop the experience offline.

Blog and Social Media

Like any other company that wants to promote their products, Airbnb also uses a huge variety of social media content strategies where visual marketing plays a huge role. Airbnb’s blog has become a rich content resource for its consumers through past years. It comprises of a full package of entertaining, yet compelling stuff that catches the eye of the consumers. On their Instagram you can see the user-generated photos from their hosts and guests. Their “Making of Airbnb iPhone app” and more videos plus some behind the scenes brought a sharp hike to their YouTube Channel. The company’s Facebook and Twitter accounts have over a million followers in order to promote their blog posts. You can also see some seasonal and timely content collections such as “A Host of Haunted Homes” and “Where to Stay for the TCS NewYork city Marathon”.

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