Author: Oliver Schwamb


Vine & Snapchat: Two video marketing platforms you shouldn’t miss!

By 2019 80% of the content we will consume online will be video content. Meanwhile, our usage of the internet is shifting (or has already shifted) from desktop to mobile. These two facts don’t just correlate coincidentally. Mobile phones have become better in processing a lot of data at a time. Their screens have become equal to most of the desktop screens. And data plans have become affordable for everybody. But most importantly, mobile phones are also cameras. While carrying a smartphone with you, you are instantly able to capture your dog, yourself or the beautiful scenery around you. But, as good as a mobile video may be, it is worth nothing if it can’t be seen. Consequently, platforms have arisen that make it possible to share videos with your friends and that attract big communities of viewers. Two of these platforms aggregated enough users to be really interesting for marketing. Of course, it is video marketing we are talking about – as these platforms are video platforms: Vine and Snapchat. Vine – Are six …