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Bacardi – Our Story & The Spirit of Bacardi


When you think of rum, the brand Bacardi will be probably the first one to pop up in your mind. It is indeed one of the most popular alcoholic beverages, but not so many are familiar with its fascinating history. Bacardi is actually the largest family-owned spirits company in the world. It was founded by Don Facundo Bacardi Masso, who was an active fighter for Cuba’s independence in the late 1800s. His son, Emilio Bacardi, was arrested, exiled and imprisoned twice for fighting against the Spanish rule in Cuba. His real goal was to change his country and introduce the world to the true taste of rum.

Bacardi’s ‘Heritage: Our Story’ is an interactive audio book presenting the history of the Bacardi family and their most memorable moments in creating the drink and positioning it amongst the most popular alcoholic beverages in the global marketplace. It is part of the “Bacardi: Untameable Since 1862” campaign. The interactive story is embedded with real audio recordings of Bacardi family members recounting on the start of the company and its success over the years.


In addition to the gripping audio story, Bacardi also created a graphic novel ‘The Spirit of Bacardi’ (which can be downloaded as a PDF or viewed on the website) as part of the same heritage campaign. It hired comic writer Warren Ellis and artist Mike Allred, both acclaimed for their work, to collaborate on retelling the Bacardi family history and the brand’s Cuban roots in a graphic novel. The core messages of the story express passion, exile, rebellion and lastly triumph. The graphic novel is not overpowered with interactive features, thus keeping a classical comic style and concentrating on the awe-inspiring storyline. Bacardi is proved to taste great with Coke, but Allred went a step further by mixing it into his illustrations – who knew it mixes well with pretty much everything?!

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