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Author: Nicole Singh

I’m an exited multimedia producer specialized in digital video production. The internet enables us to deliver out stories through different types of media. We can publish interactive stories with individual storylines. It’s my intention to make help digital stories more understandable by describing the producer’s intentions.


Author: Aiste Juozaponyte

I’m an intercultural communications major, with a passion for all things telling stories and connecting with others.  I am always curious about the next big thing in digital storytelling – and I’ll report it here!   Read articles by Aiste


Lead Author: Susann Fischer

I’m a digital native and curious about the next big thing in the digital world. I work at sprylab, where I promote the Purple Publishing Suite – the software enables designers and marketers to create content rich apps like magazines without coding. I blog about digital storytelling and content marketing strategies for mobile channels. Read articles by Susann