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Chipotle – „A Love Story“


A boy has a crush on the girl next door. To conquer her feet, he plans to invite her to the cinema. Unfortunately, he has no money…

As an owner of a drink-stand the boy tries to conquer his lack of money by selling more of his fresh made lemonade. Therefore, he distributes corresponding flyers. However he is faced with a moral dilemma: His crush is his main competitor. She also sells lemonade and sees his action as a threat to her business. She starts her own flyer campaign to get her customers back. Then the boy strikes back by expanding his stand and promotion material. So the girl does the same.

Over the years the competition continues and the stands develop into two big industrial companies. They both replace the original fresh ingredients with a cheap lemonade flavour which looks like artificial glitter powder. What started as an innocent wish for love evolved into a serious fight by now two unhappy business owners, who still live next to each other. One day the artificial ingredients turn against them. After realising their self-destructive behaviour, they are finding their way back to fresh food, happiness and finally to each other.

After different food safety issues, it seems like Chiptole tries to refresh its reputation by telling  stories about ethically correct food production. “A love story” describes the close connection between using fresh ingredients and happiness. It also promotes their “Chiptopia Summer Rewards” campaign, where their customers can get free burritos as a reward by eating at the restaurants.

Besides the different kind of love story there are two more animated short films “The Scarecrow” and “Back to the Start”. With the series of short films Chipotle indirectly presents its values to food production. 2015 Chiptole became the first U.S. restaurant chain not to use gene-modified ingredients. Every episode demonstrated Chiptoles criteria for suitable production partners by describing the solution for a food related problem of an animated character, accompanied with a special version of an emotional popular song. In Chipotle’s newest film you can listen to an intensive cover of the popular Backstreet Boys song “I Want It That Way

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