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Crème de la Mer – Through Their Eyes & #EyesLightUp


Luxury-cream brand La Mer recently introduced two promotional campaigns focused on the consumers to launch its newest eye gel treatment.

The first, “Through Their Eyes” consists of short videos titled Illuminating Moments that show high-society stylish couples in New York, Seoul and Paris using La Mer’s newest product. The brand aims at connecting its image with the people who are considered to be trendsetters. For example, the first video of the couples-series features American socialite Olivia Palermo and her German husband Johannes Huebl. They apply the new La Mer eye gel and gaze endlessly in to each other’s eyes. Although an emotional appeal is aimed to be triggered, the videos lack a representation of reality. Consumers can watch the videos on the brand’s website, as well as on YouTube.

La Mer, owned by Estée Lauder Cos., has been spotlighting its products (which are, let’s face it, not affordable to every consumer group) and how they can make a difference, therefore appealing to consumers. The second campaign for the new product manages just what the first one does not – to appeal to the average consumer and tell his/her story. The campaign, hashtaged #EyesLightUp, invites fans to make a photo mosaic of the things that make their eyes light up. Users upload pictures from Facebook, Instagram or their personal device, and ultimately the mosaic image is composed of all the small pictures the user selected. Campaigns that appeal to consumers using social media have the potential to inspire them and create a stronger consumer-brand relationship. La Mer’s #EyesLightUp showcases ordinary people’s stories, and does it with the help of social media. Personal stories that people can relate to have a higher probability to be noticed and appreciated.

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