Digital Storytelling Examples


Pearl – 360° Google Spotlight Story

Gifts you receive from your parents last a lifetime. These gifts are invaluable and therefore cannot be priced. Google Spotlight Stories, which is part of Google’s ATAP R&D unit, uses ...
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Grey Goose – Fly Beyond

By hoping to deepen its ties with the luxury consumer, Grey Goose vodka with its latest platform campaign “Fly Beyond”, has focused on emotive story with luxury lifestyle for brand ...
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Knorr – Love at First Taste

Found its way through getting into people’s emotion, Knorr’s latest campaign “Love at First Taste” is stating that there is a stronger chemistry and attraction between partners or potential partners ...
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Airbnb – Belong Anywhere

Started as in 2008, has grown into a multi-billion-dollar company in around 200 countries, Airbnb is known for promoting their values instead of their services and supplying end products ...
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apps storytelling

Finally, the future of storytelling apps is here – 5 examples you shouldn’t miss!

While most publishers are failing big time when it comes to providing a great immersive reading experience for digital publications, small startups and independent studios are shaping the future of ...
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johhniewalker-dear brother-storytelling-example

Johnnie Walker – Dear Brother

This might just be this year’s most powerful storytelling video. Dear Brother is a spec ad for Johnnie Walker that centers on two brothers and their emotional journey in the ...
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Extra Gum – The Story of Sarah & Juan

Wise men say, only fools rush in. Or so tells us Elvis Presley’s famous “Can’t Help Falling In Love”, which plays a key role in Extra Gum’s latest brand ad ...
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How To Master Marketing With Company Apps. A Checklist Loaded With Inspiring Examples.

Even though smartphones and tablets are no news to the world, digital transformation is still a buzzword and mostly one of the biggest challenges for companies. While most companies continually ...
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NPR – A Girl Can Dream

NPR’s staggering drive for a good story is applauding. Apart from producing daily news and cultural programming, NPR has been submerging into the deep waters of storytelling, appropriately celebrating unique ...
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Huffington Post – The Myth of the Ethical Shopper

Ethical shopping has been a widely discussed topic lately – most of us could easily name these “bad” brands that employ children in sweatshops. We engage in various social actions against it, ...
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Five Minutes

Thought zombie apocalypse movies are scary? Try playing an online zombie game, where the protagonists’ lives depend on your mouse skills. We are talking about the much-praised Five Minutes, a ...
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Matter – What’s it really like to be 18 in America right now?

Being a teenager is not easy. The world seems rather a hostile place where no one understands who you really are. Brilliant story creators at Matter worked with high school ...
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SkullMapping – Le Petit Chef

Dining at restaurants is a pleasure: all you have to do is sit and patiently wait for your delicious plate to be served. But have you ever wondered that you ...
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TSN – Favela United

Brazil might be in your top destination list for its exotic nature and radiant culture. It is, however, also one of the highest crime-ridden countries in the world. In Rio ...
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Eater – One Night at Kachka

Ever wondered what a day in a life of a restaurant looks like? Or how many vodka shots it serves per night? A team at Eater (your go-to source for delicious ...
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The New York Times – In Flight

Opinion pieces in news media can reveal a different side of the story - not influenced by the editorial team. They are more raw, more open and possibly have the ...
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Peugeot – Graphic Novel

Peugeot’s take on digital storytelling is greatly known for its graphic novel inspired by the HYbrid 4 technology. The story of a female hero is presented in a digital comic-strip ...
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The Boat

‘The Boat’ is an interactive online graphic novel about escape after the Vietnam War. Written as a short story by Nam Le, the storyline centres around a teenage refugee Mai ...
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Crème de la Mer – Through Their Eyes & #EyesLightUp

Luxury-cream brand La Mer recently introduced two promotional campaigns focused on the consumers to launch its newest eye gel treatment. The first, “Through Their Eyes” consists of short videos titled ...
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Chanel – Inside Chanel & The One That I Want

A strong narrative is by far the most essential element for a good content. The iconic high-fashion house Chanel is no stranger to good storytelling. Its creator, the legendary Gabrielle ...
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Maybelline New York – Big Eyes

How can a company make mascara look interesting, inspiring and different? By creating an appealing story behind it and telling it in a unique way that will also reflect the ...
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Dove – Real Beauty Sketches

The brand's real-life stories celebrate beauty in which it truly believes.  Dove, owned by Unilever, has been embracing digital storytelling and showcasing real beauty for more than 10 years now, and ...
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La Roche-Posay – brand website

You might walk pass the beauty isle and overlook the French cosmetics company La Roche-Posay. What you can’t overlook is the brand’s high-quality content website, full of expert tips in helping ...
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Old Spice – Nature Adventure

Old Spice is bringing a man to the woods – literally. The leading American brand of male grooming products Old Spice is no stranger to humorous, eccentric and sometimes uncanny ...
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Harrods Magazine – Customer Magazine

The first thing that catches attention when you download the Harrods digital magazine is the high-class design and polished aesthetics. The app, available for both iOS and Android users, showcases ...
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Storytelling and Cosmetic Brands: 5+ Best Practises

Storytelling and marketing have always been intertwined. The magic here is rather simple: a brand tells a story people can relate to, with the goal to connect and persuade its ...
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Mercedes-Benz – C-Class Augmented Reality App

The German manufacturer's app uses augmented reality to praise the very best of Mercedes-Benz's functionality and design.  The C-Class Augmented Reality app is enabled by pointing the device’s camera to ...
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Coca Cola – Spin the Coke App

Who hasn't played the classic “Spin the Bottle” with a group of giggly teenage friends on a school field trip? Coca-Cola decided, however, that technology can take this game to ...
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Lincoln – Love Is The Answer & Hello Again

Lincoln motor company, that positions itself among the more luxurious automobiles, presents two recent storytelling campaigns drawing inspiration from music, art, design and film. Lincoln joined forces with recording artist ...
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South Australian Maritime Museum – Rough Medicine: Life & Death in the Age of Sail

The South Australian Maritime Museum created an interactive and somewhat bone-chilling game for the exhibition “Rough Medicine: Life & Death in the Age of Sail”, which takes place until March ...
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Hasselblad Centre Museum of Photography & Gothenburg Museum of Arts – Between Realities

The Hasselblad Centre Museum of Photography and the Gothenburg Museum of Arts used iBeacon technology from February to May 2014 for the exhibition focused on Swedish photography over the years ...
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Škoda – Interactive Catalogue

Škoda’s Interactive Catalogue app offers 3D models of various Škoda cars, enabling the function of personalizing every model according to users’ wishes. The Czech automaker completely destroys the usually boring ...
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Rolling Stone – The App

Forget the times when journalists only wrote about music. Digital technology now lets them enhance the readers' experience by sharing music directly in an app. Created by the Axel Springer ...
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EPOS – History and Science Magazine

The EPOS history and science magazine is a mobile first production showcasing great digital storytelling complemented by impressive user-controlled interactions. Its first issue guides the reader through the events of ...
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Honda – The Other Side

A dual-story takes you on a ride you've never been on before. Honda joined forces with Wieden + Kennedy London and acclaimed director Daniel Wolfe to create an interactive dual-story ...
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BMW – The Individual App

BMW automaker celebrates interactive experience, personalization and digital storytelling all in one hands-on app. “BMW Individual” allows users to navigate through different parts of the app using innovative user interface ...
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