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Honda – The Other Side


A dual-story takes you on a ride you’ve never been on before.

Honda joined forces with Wieden + Kennedy London and acclaimed director Daniel Wolfe to create an interactive dual-story video titled “The Other Side” for its one of the best-selling model Civic as well as for its sportier counterpart Civic Type R. The video introduces us to an ordinary looking male protagonist who seems to lead a secret double life, revealed only once the button ‘R’ is pressed on the keyboard. The Other Side unfolds two stories in parallel tales, one during the day and the other, filled with high-adrenalin, set at night. Switching through parallel storylines, the protagonist also “adapts” to fit the driven vehicle’s characteristics: the caring father by day, who’s picking his kids up from school in a white Civic, to an undercover cop speed-driving through the city with a couple of art dealers in a red Civic Type R. The effect of seeing the other story is enticing and effective, and positions Honda not only among the high-performance engineers, but also among the technologically advanced digital storytellers.

The video is an entertaining transformation for the viewers while the capabilities of both cars are showcased between the parallel stories. Although only 2:55 minutes long, it captures the viewer from the very first seconds, drawing on the suspense throughout the entire time until the climax of the story. The parallel storyline content is simple but mind-blowing: you watch the first story, you push the button to see the parallel one, and then you just can’t stop pushing and holding, over and over again.

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