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Knorr – Love at First Taste


Found its way through getting into people’s emotion, Knorr’s latest campaign “Love at First Taste” is stating that there is a stronger chemistry and attraction between partners or potential partners who have similar food preferences. Knorr has asked more than 12,000 people across 12 markets about which flavor is their favorite. The core of this study was about people’s attitudes towards flavor and and how important it is in their lives. There was this belief that when flavors can say about personalities, this can be used as a tool to connect people. That’s why the brand has sat complete strangers based on their flavor preferences and video filmed the process. The video is a great example of powerful digital storytelling. One prominent fact about this video is that although there is no indication of the brand’s name on the video, it makes huge impact on people as it has to do only with emotions and this makes the concept much easier to feel and believe.

What is your Flavor?

knorr-flavor-tangy-dynamo Knorr-flavor-meaty-warrior Knorr-flavor-profile knorr-flavor-salty-adventurer

Regarding the Love at First Taste campaign, Knorr, in cooperation with IBM, has made an online flavor quiz in order to give recommendation on people’s flavor preferences. The quiz encompasses personality flavor profiles which help Knorr connects the costumers with tailored products and recipes which in turn “improve their experience with cooking and with Knorr’s overall suite of products” said Ukonwa Ojo, senior global director at Knorr. The main aim of this digital campaign is to target a new generation of gastronomically-inspired millennials. Furthermore, the campaign is to drive a more dynamic approach for interaction with customers and a fresh brand direction for Unilever’s biggest brand. The mentioned profiles have cheeky names such as Salty Adventurer, Spicy Rebel, Meaty Warrior, Deep Sea Dreamer, Roasted Romantic, and more. Take part in this quiz and find out to which profile you belong, here.

Digital Media

Knorr is Unilever’s biggest brand with annual sales of around $3.3 billion. For a brand this big, social and digital played a large role in the campaign with online ad and content to run across Facebook, YouTube, Google as well as partnership with Playbuzz, Tastemade, and Snapchat that helped make this happen. Moreover, Knorr has proven its capability in brand storytelling. To mention one, “Flavor of Home” is another successful storytelling video that became a viral hit by having 6 million viewers on YouTube through airing in different languages with the same message as Love at first Taste campaign: delving into the role that flavors play in our lives.

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