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Land Rover – The Vanishing Game


The interactive online novel “The Vanishing Game” portrays the core value – adventurism – of the Land Rover brand.

Automaker Land Rover takes digital storytelling to a whole new level pairing fiction with real life automotive adventure. The Vanishing Game was launched as an interactive version of British author William Boyd’s novel about captivating yet enigmatic driving experience in United Kingdom. As the protagonist drives around in his Land Rover Defender across the country, readers are carried through a very life-like Tumblr page filled with multi-sensory experience: interactive text, videos, backgrounds, sounds and narration. Divided into chapters, these contain embedded links and clickable action words, that either further explain the story in more detail or present videos of Land Rovers connected to the plot. Click on the word “river” and a rumbling Land Rover will present itself wandering through picturesque waterways. When it seems like the interactive content could not be more surprising, some parts of it showcase actual Land Rover owners’ journeys, which were shared as part of the #WellStoried hashtag campaign a few months prior to the launch. Click on “forest” and a collection of user-submitted photos of Land Rovers in forests appear on the screen. The interactive online novel thus portrays the core value, the adventurism, of the Land Rover brand.

Created by Y&R, New York together with Tool of North America, the Vanishing Game is a fully interactive digital book, taking a further step in the advancements of publishing. Although it is somewhat unconventional to pair high literature with online integration supported by social media, the publishing world could use more of such successful digital storytelling examples. The multi-sensory execution together with sharable content complement the story in every possible step, which probably could not reach such a strong level of visualization when only imagining it for yourself. The 17,000-word book is available as e-book on Kindle, iBooks and Fire tablets.

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