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Lincoln – Love Is The Answer & Hello Again


Lincoln motor company, that positions itself among the more luxurious automobiles, presents two recent storytelling campaigns drawing inspiration from music, art, design and film.

Lincoln joined forces with recording artist Aloe Blacc to create an interactive music video titled “Love is the Answer”, offering viewers the chance to switch between five storylines. The videos follow one main storyline from four different character perspectives and one from the director’s cut. While all these start off from different points, they all meet in the same space at the end of the video, ending with the protagonist Aloe getting in to his luxurious Lincoln MKZ. The unique interactive experience provided by this video allows consumers to experience their own musical journey, thus leaving it up to personal choice to view the character one sympathizes with the most.

The “Hello Again” platform was created by Lincoln to re-position the brand from its associated characteristics of ‘town cars’ and ‘old people’. The company chose award-winning singer and songwriter Beck and music video director Chris Milk to create an interactive online concert available for anyone with an Internet connection. A series of new technologies was built specifically for this experience, incorporating a 360-degree rig equipped with GoPro cameras to capture the complete picture from all possible angles. Facial tracking system was also created with the help of virtual reality to allow online users to scroll the screen by tilting their head and thus replicating the real point of view they would have at the actual concert. Furthermore, a series of 360-degree binaural audio microphones resembling heads were created to measure how a real person would hear the sound. By rotating their heads, it enabled users to hear the sound exactly like in the real life, humanizing the overall user experience.

A few days after the project’s launch, Lincoln website generated a 300 percent increase in traffic just a few days after the project’s launch, positioning the brand among the popular car manufacturers. Topped with excellently constructed surrounding sound and visuals, as well as stunning virtual reality, “Hello Again” is an innovative and entertaining user experience.

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