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Old Spice – Nature Adventure


Old Spice is bringing a man to the woods – literally.

The leading American brand of male grooming products Old Spice is no stranger to humorous, eccentric and sometimes uncanny digital storytelling. In 2010 the brand launched the fastest growing online viral video campaign, which in 24 hours of airtime gathered more than 6.7 million views. The 30 to 75 second videos star Isaiah Mustafa (the now well known face of Old Spice) who replies to 181 online comments and questions from various popular websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and others. This sparked a series of well-produced marketing stunts mainly centered on quirky and amusing advertisements.

Now the brand takes another step further by letting Twitch viewers control an actual human man in the woods for three days. Twitch is a live streaming video platform and community for gamers, which became a sensation last year when it challenged thousands of people to play classic Pokémon games at the same time. The marketing aim here is to introduce the new Old Spice Fresher Collection, which has already been advertised on YouTube featuring men in the woods faced with ludicrous situations. This, however, will be no ad, but a real-time exercise – a man wandering in a forest while thousands of Internet users tell him what to do. Talk about a great digital story.

Old Spice is relatively new to the live-streaming scene, but this marketing stunt can prove its way to the top influencers. Moreover, the campaign, designed exclusively for the live-streaming platform, can also appeal to Old Spice’s younger tech-savvy target group.

The unusual nature adventure will last for 3 days, from the 16th to 18th of April, for 10 hours each day. The idea of a man in the wilderness sounds a bit eerie, but Old Spice is a master of absurdity: the “woods” will be a designed set while the animals will be replaced by actors in animal costumes. Nevertheless, an extraordinary digital story is guaranteed.

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