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Peugeot – Graphic Novel

Peugeot’s take on digital storytelling is greatly known for its graphic novel inspired by the HYbrid 4 technology. The story of a female hero is presented in a digital comic-strip style, and embeds scrolling with interactive storytelling. As one scrolls down, four different Peugeot travel modes and their capabilities are highlighted. Moreover, each and every one of these is reenacted by the heroine, creating a suspenseful storyline . Built responsibly to fit any screen, this graphic novel signifies a great example of interactive storytelling. Moreover, Peugeot was actually ahead of its competition when this digital story was created in 2012, as it showcases the most important elements used for similar projects today – such as scrolling, great sound effects and immersive narratives.


8 Projects Exploring The Storytelling Potential Of Virtual Reality For Real-World Stories

It seems that after after decades of uncertainty Virtual Reality gets real as a storytelling platform. The enormous sense of presence provided by VR headsets such as Oculus Rift or Samsung’s Gear VR, allows artists to place users inside films, making them explore and witness first-hand real-world events. The potential VR has to stir emotions and create more visceral reactions makes many believe in its power to revolutionize journalism and filmmaking. However, how close is VR from reaching mass-market adoption? Can we think that anytime soon we will be accessing our news through mounted-headsets? While these questions find answers, we brought you a collection of the best VR non-fiction storytelling experiences that have been touring festivals and museums recently. If one of them arrives to your city run, the queue is going to be long! 1. Project Syria With Project Syria, Nonny de la Peña, the godmother of immersive journalism, place users in Aleppo during a rocket blast and in the middle of a refugee camp in Syria. To evoke the feeling of “been there” …


Mercedes-Benz – C-Class Augmented Reality App

The German manufacturer’s app uses augmented reality to praise the very best of Mercedes-Benz’s functionality and design.  The C-Class Augmented Reality app is enabled by pointing the device’s camera to a printed-out target image, where a 3D model of the car comes to life directly on the device screen. The car can then be rotated and re-scaled, offering not only an exterior look and its technical advancements, but also a peak into the sleek interior. Users are able to play around with the model’s colors and therefore experience its elegant looks and functionality without actually going to the dealership. All in all, the app provides an exciting, innovative and life-like digital automobile story available on a personal device.  


7 Examples of excellent digital storytelling campaigns of the biggest automobile brands

How storytelling is shaping the automotive industry Today, a story can be squeezed in to 140-characters and posted on Twitter, but have a much greater effect than a thousand page book or a flashy TV presentation. Telling stories has become a technique and a tool for building brand relationships and positioning products to consumers. The enormous burst of digital and social media, as well as content marketing, has allowed marketers to tell their brand’s story and in such way create a more direct link between their consumers. What is more, the digital age has enabled everyone to be a storyteller. The automotive industry is increasingly using digital storytelling Digital storytelling has opened new doors for all sorts of content creators, from journalists and copywriters to motivational speakers and CEOs, bringing it directly to the workplace. The automotive industry is no exception when using the power of storytelling to build brand relationships and market products directly to consumers. For years well-known automakers have been establishing their brands with unique stories, characterizing the brands’ image, values and …


Lincoln – Love Is The Answer & Hello Again

Lincoln motor company, that positions itself among the more luxurious automobiles, presents two recent storytelling campaigns drawing inspiration from music, art, design and film. Lincoln joined forces with recording artist Aloe Blacc to create an interactive music video titled “Love is the Answer”, offering viewers the chance to switch between five storylines. The videos follow one main storyline from four different character perspectives and one from the director’s cut. While all these start off from different points, they all meet in the same space at the end of the video, ending with the protagonist Aloe getting in to his luxurious Lincoln MKZ. The unique interactive experience provided by this video allows consumers to experience their own musical journey, thus leaving it up to personal choice to view the character one sympathizes with the most. The “Hello Again” platform was created by Lincoln to re-position the brand from its associated characteristics of ‘town cars’ and ‘old people’. The company chose award-winning singer and songwriter Beck and music video director Chris Milk to create an interactive online …


Škoda – Interactive Catalogue

Škoda’s Interactive Catalogue app offers 3D models of various Škoda cars, enabling the function of personalizing every model according to users’ wishes. The Czech automaker completely destroys the usually boring catalog standard by creating a fully functional and innovative app users will likely appreciate. Both the interior and exterior are presented in a 360-degree view, allowing for the most detailed presentation and experience. Using the “Interactive Catalogue” users can build their customized cars by changing body colors, wheels and specific interior details. The range of innovative features also includes technical assistant function, featuring informative videos and integrated links, as well as a dealer test drive reservation option to go from the interactive experience to the actual streets. When users create their ‘dream cars’, they can share their visions with family and friends, allowing for a great execution of user-generated content.


Honda – The Other Side

A dual-story takes you on a ride you’ve never been on before. Honda joined forces with Wieden + Kennedy London and acclaimed director Daniel Wolfe to create an interactive dual-story video titled “The Other Side” for its one of the best-selling model Civic as well as for its sportier counterpart Civic Type R. The video introduces us to an ordinary looking male protagonist who seems to lead a secret double life, revealed only once the button ‘R’ is pressed on the keyboard. The Other Side unfolds two stories in parallel tales, one during the day and the other, filled with high-adrenalin, set at night. Switching through parallel storylines, the protagonist also “adapts” to fit the driven vehicle’s characteristics: the caring father by day, who’s picking his kids up from school in a white Civic, to an undercover cop speed-driving through the city with a couple of art dealers in a red Civic Type R. The effect of seeing the other story is enticing and effective, and positions Honda not only among the high-performance engineers, but also …


BMW – The Individual App

BMW automaker celebrates interactive experience, personalization and digital storytelling all in one hands-on app. “BMW Individual” allows users to navigate through different parts of the app using innovative user interface. It highlights the automaker’s wide range of customizable vehicles, presenting a broad spectrum of interior and exterior options. Promoting the BMW Individual Manufactory program, the app challenges users to enable certain functions, such as tapping, sliding or rubbing on the content to unlock new images and text. The presentation is packed with various animated pictures and interactive features, such as flipping through different pages and contents. The realistic depiction of colors and materials resembles the feel of virtual reality, while the visualizer option supports the luxury of customization. Overall the app resembles an interactive storybook, motivating and inspiring consumers to create their own individual automobile story.


Lexus – L Studio

A storytelling hub forgets cars, documents personal stories many can relate to.  Lexus, together with two more projects (Team One and It Gets Better Project) created a celebrity-driven storytelling hub titled “It Got Better” via its L/Studio broadband entertainment channel. The six-episode docuseries focuses on intimate stories, all concentrated on personal struggles and achievements related to sexual orientation. The well-known actors, musicians and athletes are all part of the LGBT community, in this way signifying Lexus’ continuous support for the LGBT rights. The brand appeals to a wider spectrum of target audience, mainly focusing on the younger generation, who is more likely to value content and creativity rather than traditional means of advertising. Moreover, the choice to hire contrasting actors, that also bring a certain demographic fan base, is thoroughly executed. What differentiates Lexus’ “It Got Better” project from other automotive storytelling campaigns on the market is the hardly noticeable, and therefore not overwhelming, endorsement. Lexus logo is seen in the beginning of each video, however the topic of the stories presented does not have …