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Finally, the future of storytelling apps is here – 5 examples you shouldn’t miss!

While most publishers are failing big time when it comes to providing a great immersive reading experience for digital publications, small startups and independent studios are shaping the future of reading with their new ideas. When it comes to books, authors have one design decision – black & white or color, but digital publications are unlimited in their form. eBooks are shaped not only by the author, but also by a team of writers, designers and developers. They can use the full range of media forms as well as all of the new technology that is enabled with smartphones and tablets. I’ve put together a list for you of the storytelling apps that I found most entertaining and innovative. Crave – eBook enhancement for romantic millennials Crave launched late in 2015 and has no smaller goal than to save the novel for today’s social media addicted consumer. “Part book, part movie, part instant messenger, Crave is a new reading experience that takes you on a rollercoaster of daily installments as its characters come to life…“, …