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South Australian Maritime Museum – Rough Medicine: Life & Death in the Age of Sail

The South Australian Maritime Museum created an interactive and somewhat bone-chilling game for the exhibition “Rough Medicine: Life & Death in the Age of Sail”, which takes place until March 27th, 2015. The exhibition explores immigrant ship voyages of Australians back in the days were medics was brutal and required unconventional ways of curing. After downloading the game app, the visitor becomes a surgeon, on a mission to cure a sick patient. A thermometer appears on the screen and has to be closely observed as the visitor moves through the exhibition. When a beacon activates a trigger in a nearby mobile device, alerts are then prompted and the user has to accept or reject a specific remedy. These include e.g. bone syringes, surgical kits or even jars of wriggling leeches. If that is not eerie enough already, additional images and sounds are also incorporated to intensify user engagement. The goal of the game is to achieve the ‘Star surgeon’ status by correctly placing all needed remedies from the exhibition. Visitors can play the game on …


Hasselblad Centre Museum of Photography & Gothenburg Museum of Arts – Between Realities

The Hasselblad Centre Museum of Photography and the Gothenburg Museum of Arts used iBeacon technology from February to May 2014 for the exhibition focused on Swedish photography over the years. Beacon transmitters were placed throughout the museum, providing visitors with extensive information on “Between Realities” exhibition. The same name was used for the iBeacon app, presenting visitors with additional photographs and extended audio guides. For the museum, iBeacon technology provided a very seamless way to present additional content to museum’s visitors based on their location. Moreover, it created a stronger engagement, by creating an extensive and interactive experience, fully aligned with the mood of a certain place of the photograph. The “Between Realities” app became the first iBeacon-powered museum app in Northern Europe. Stendahls, a Swedish digital creative agency that created the app, also collected feedback from exhibition’s visitors in order to create improved and more engaging iBeacon projects in the future. All in all, iBeacon technology proves to be immensely useful for photography exhibitions, allowing not only to enhance a museum visit with audio …