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7 Examples of excellent digital storytelling campaigns of the biggest automobile brands

How storytelling is shaping the automotive industry Today, a story can be squeezed in to 140-characters and posted on Twitter, but have a much greater effect than a thousand page book or a flashy TV presentation. Telling stories has become a technique and a tool for building brand relationships and positioning products to consumers. The enormous burst of digital and social media, as well as content marketing, has allowed marketers to tell their brand’s story and in such way create a more direct link between their consumers. What is more, the digital age has enabled everyone to be a storyteller. The automotive industry is increasingly using digital storytelling Digital storytelling has opened new doors for all sorts of content creators, from journalists and copywriters to motivational speakers and CEOs, bringing it directly to the workplace. The automotive industry is no exception when using the power of storytelling to build brand relationships and market products directly to consumers. For years well-known automakers have been establishing their brands with unique stories, characterizing the brands’ image, values and …