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Pearl – 360° Google Spotlight Story

Gifts you receive from your parents last a lifetime. These gifts are invaluable and therefore cannot be priced. Google Spotlight Stories, which is part of Google’s ATAP R&D unit, uses this touching effect for its new six-minute animation named “Pearl”. They have been supported by the company’s 360-degree film group with its ever-ambitious ideas. This unbranded video looks into the lifespan of a girl and her musician father – her growing up and her father getting old. The movie set is almost entirely in their beloved car presenting it almost as their home.  It depicts the very first ride as well as other invaluable moments in their life. The conveyance of the theme “Home” enhances the movie’s enthralling aspects and at the same time plays strongly with people’s emotions. Using 360-degree –or virtual reality- is adding to this strong sentimental value. Using the cursor on the left hand of the video enables the audience to see the movie in 360-degree and to decide which scene and angle they want to follow. This is a great …


8 Projects Exploring The Storytelling Potential Of Virtual Reality For Real-World Stories

It seems that after after decades of uncertainty Virtual Reality gets real as a storytelling platform. The enormous sense of presence provided by VR headsets such as Oculus Rift or Samsung’s Gear VR, allows artists to place users inside films, making them explore and witness first-hand real-world events. The potential VR has to stir emotions and create more visceral reactions makes many believe in its power to revolutionize journalism and filmmaking. However, how close is VR from reaching mass-market adoption? Can we think that anytime soon we will be accessing our news through mounted-headsets? While these questions find answers, we brought you a collection of the best VR non-fiction storytelling experiences that have been touring festivals and museums recently. If one of them arrives to your city run, the queue is going to be long! 1. Project Syria With Project Syria, Nonny de la Peña, the godmother of immersive journalism, place users in Aleppo during a rocket blast and in the middle of a refugee camp in Syria. To evoke the feeling of “been there” …