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The evolution of multimedia storytelling in the mobile age.


Multimedia storytelling is a game changer for mobile content and about to change the mobile media landscape completely

There is no doubt that the opportunities in mobile multimedia storytelling are limitless –both in terms of technical and design aspects.

Telling a scenario already helps to make sense of abstract information, but it doesn’t ease the process of acquiring information and is also limited in its effectiveness. Only with storytelling, when rich detail, imagery, emotions, contextual details and motivations allow the audience to actively participate in the communication process, the information is absorbed most thoroughly. This is the power of storytelling, for it is more than telling.

Experiments have established that the human brain makes no distinction between reading a story about an event and experiencing it in real life. The story activates the same parts of the brain as the real experience, and this is the key to purposefully delivering information, messages or ideas. In contrast, abstract information only stimulates the parts of the brain that are used for language processing, hardly enough to form sustained connections.

Main goals of mobile multimedia storytelling

Depending on the application, editors and producers pursue different goals within digital storytelling, though basically it’s about communicating information within a short time to engage the reader and to stand out. Especially younger generations have a short attention-span, so that a medium only has a few seconds to convince of its value. Multimedia storytelling is perfect to achieve all the goals. With multimedia elements, a lot of information can be presented in a compact way while long articles and stories can be more engaging with the use of scrollytelling, where a linear storyline is separated in chapters and completed with additional multimedia elements. Using the next generation of multimedia storytelling, the story thus gets upgraded, gaining additional benefit and becoming easier to be sold.


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