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What I learned at Fashiontech Berlin from a Content Marketing perspective


What does fashion, technology and marketing have in common?

More than you might think! To begin with, the fashion industry is a highly competitive market and fashion brands are willing to dip their foot into new marketing trends to stand out, sooner than any other industry. While I snitched an apple watch from our developer test devices stock, and checked out what the fuss is all about, people at Fashiontech were already wearing intelligent scarfs, 3D jewelry and smart fabrics.

fashiontech-berlin-3d-fashion digital-marketing-fashion-tech

During the Fashiontech sessions and personal talks 3 points were made.

  1. Mobile Marketing is more important than ever
  2. Personalized snackable content and digital storytelling are THE solutions for content marketing on mobile and wearable devices
  3. The world has never been so visual

1. Why Mobile Marketing is so important

Mobile devices, especially smartphones are the #1 devices when it comes to screen time and personal engagement. People spend more time in apps than in mobile browsers and there are an average of 26 apps installed on every smartphone. Mobile Marketing is not about ad banners it is about a personal relationship between the brand and a user. Why is that? Let’s go on to the 2nd point:

2. Personalized snackable content and digital storytelling

Due to the screen sizes of smartphones and wearables classic ads won’t work. Ask yourself when you actually appreciated an advertising banner on your smartphone. But mobile devices offer the opportunity to build a personal relationship on a highly personal device. If you don’t have enough screen size to show all of your products, just show user relevant products and wrap them up in an emotional story. Nobody wants to scroll through endless lists. Social Media Communities are successful because they offer snackable content, mostly user generated. And it is personalized from the beginning because users have to follow specific accounts to get updates and news. But since Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and even Twitter implemented the “shop now” buttons brands use short stories to sell their products. And it works perfectly. That leads me to digital storytelling. Digital storytelling is the latest and oldest trend in content marketing. Content Marketing campaigns like the Always “Like a girl” or Expedia’s viewfinder blog don’t vomit product features, they tell a story, gain trust and brand awareness on a personal level. The difficulty for mobile is to break these stories down to snackable stories fitting the social channels.

Visuals take over the internet

A picture is worth a thousand words. It took a long way from cave paintings to selfie sticks but now is the time for visuals more than ever. Infographics rank better on Twitter than just written statistics, posts with images are getting 5 times more attention than without and cat memes are the stars of the internet. Brands started to tell their stories with graphic novels, 7-second videos and Instagram posts.

So far, so good – the only thing that isn’t covered yet is how brands approach these opportunities technically. It can’t be the solution to create the same story all over again for every digital channel.

The good news is, that game changers such as the Purple Publishing Suite, Adobe DPS or Styla are offering tools for brands to create apps, digital content and app updates in seconds.


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